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Zeroing In on a Zero Carbon Bloomington

Dear Bloomington Neighbor,

The combustion of fossil fuels is warming the atmosphere and changing the climate, disrupting the delicate balance of our ecosystems. Effects of the changing climate, such as increased heat stress, flooding, drought, and late spring freezes are already affecting Bloomington by straining infrastructure, adversely affecting human health, and causing disruptions to the local economy. It is important to address these climate impacts because if we don’t act now, the effects of climate change will continue to become more severe in coming years.

To work towards a better future for Bloomington, we can all be part of the solution! Many actions to combat climate change are easy, save money, create local jobs, and improve quality of life. As a community, Bloomington is committed to reducing community carbon emissions an additional 25% by 2030 with a goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050, as part of the Bloomington Climate Action Plan. Addressing the climate crisis makes financial, social, and environmental sense for our community. 

Help achieve Bloomington’s vision of zero carbon by 2050 by zeroing in on what you can do to reduce your own emissions. This site, Zero In Bloomington, makes it easy to learn what actions you can take to reduce your carbon footprint. Each action has helpful tips that explain how to take action and relevant information, rebates, and programs specific to Bloomington. You can track the cumulative carbon impact of the actions you have taken and register with groups and neighborhoods to help Bloomington become carbon neutral.

Register and join Zero In Bloomington today to work as a community to increase Bloomington’s resilience to climate change!     

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Las acciones son cosas sencillas y cotidianas que puedes hacer para reducir tu impacto, y muchas de ellas también te ahorrarán dinero. Haz clic en una de las siguientes categorías para explorar las acciones.

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Crea tu perfil

Es muy fácil empezar. Crea el perfil de tu hogar e introduce información sobre tus actividades actuales, de modo que podamos hacer un seguimiento de tu éxito.

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Browse a list of actions that will help reduce your impact, then add them to your dashboard. We'll help with next steps, costs, and questions.

Trabajo en equipo

Create a team of households so you can collaborate together. Discuss actions with the whole community. And compete with other communities too!

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